kristine froseth by karen collins for numéro tokyo may 2015

model: kristine froseth (supreme)
photographer: karen collins (talentandpartner)
hair: romina manenti (airport)
make-up: hugo villard (atomo)
manicure: laura forget (artlist)

cat mcneil by james macari for vogue mexico april 2015

model: catherine mcneil (society)
photographer: james macari (art-dept)
hair: kayla michele (streeters)
make-up: fredrik stambro (streeters)

i can't be there with you, but i can dream: maja salamon by markus pritzi for styleby #32

model: maja salamon (mikas)
photographer: markus pritzi (shotview)
stylist: isabelle thiry (bird-production)
hair: hauke krause (kultartists)
make-up: martena duss

corinna ingenleuf by philip messmann for costume denmark april 2015

model: corinna ingenleuf (scoop)
photographer: philip messmann (cameralink)
stylist: emma elwin (linkdetails)
hair: martina senke (mikaslooks)
make-up: veronica lindqvist (mikaslooks)